Review of Jumbo Joker Online Slot

This classic online slot is fashioned like the fruit machines of yore and has 3-reels, 5-paylines, and a variety of fruit symbols that, when pgslotauto played for real money, may lead to cash winnings of up to 32,000 coins. Moreover, unlike traditional slot machines, Jumbo Joker may be played on desktops and mobile devices.

This vintage casino game’s major attraction lies in its characteristics, which exactly recreate the functioning of antique slot machines. As you play, you will have the opportunity to boost any reward by going through up to three separate paytables, each of which offers a new set of payouts, much as in traditional fruity slots.

How to Play the Online Slot Jumbo Joker

This online slot is an excellent option for even the most inexperienced players, since it is not only simple but also very inexpensive to play. To begin playing, you must first choose the coin value and then determine whether you want to wager one or 10 coins every spin. With just one coin every round and the smallest coin size, you may play for as little as 0.01 credits, as is typical for Betsoft slot machines. However, even if you wager all you have, the maximum bet every round is just 10 credits, which is a manageable sum.

There are just five paylines in the slot, and they are all plainly visible at all times on the reels, with the slot displaying both the number and direction of its paylines. During gameplay, you will be eligible for a variety of rewards, based on your original wager as well as your risk tolerance. The prizes for a single coin every spin begin at 10 coins and go up to 200 coins. But if you wager 10 coins every round while playing for real money, you will get rewards ranging from 20 to 400 coins per sequence, and that’s only for the basic prizes. You’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 10,000 coins every spin if you use your winnings to climb this slot’s unique progressive paytables.

There is an optimized version of Jumbo Joker that can be played on any iOS or Android smartphone for gamers who prefer playing casino games while on the go. Due to space constraints, you cannot see all four paytables simultaneously on a mobile device. Set your wager from the menu in the upper-left corner of the screen, and then hit the spin button to begin earning real rewards immediately.

Jumbo Joker Symbols and Free Games

In Jumbo Joker, all you need to do to win is line up three matching symbols along a payline from right to left. You will only have six symbols to collect to win the slot’s basic rewards in the outset. During the basic game, the most lucrative symbols are the joker and the treasure chests, which pay up to 2,000 coins for three of a kind, depending on your stake size. You must risk your victories to advance the gigantic meter and unlock the unique paytables.

Unlocking the giant meter requires a payment of at least 20 cents. After earning such a payment, you may either hit the “collect” button to add the money to your bankroll or use it to play the second 3-reel game that sits on top of the original game. At this bonus slot machine, you may choose from four distinct bonus paytables, based on the number of coins you won in the previous round.

The first bonus paytable is unlocked with 20 coins, while the second requires twice that amount. Both bonus tables provide more symbols and larger rewards than the regular game, with the second bonus table offering greater payouts for the lower-paying symbols. Regardless of the table at which you play, bonus game winnings may be paid out to end the feature or utilized to continue playing until a larger reward is won. In addition, the slot machine features two extra prizes for each paytable, which may be activated by collecting a certain combination of joker symbols.

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